A New Urdahl Photo Website

Aug 13, 2016

The time has come to rebuild my website again. My old site was one of my longest tenured and it still worked pretty well, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. You see, I spend the majority of my time now as a creative services manager at a large agency. While the environment isn’t exactly stuck up and corporate, I do have to keep myself reeled in to some extent. I frequently find myself biting my tongue and keeping my personality in check.

Something had to give.

I rebuilt this website to have my own voice. Some of the things I say might drive people away. Some of the things I say might drive people towards me. With the stability of my other position I feel free to be myself here. I no longer feel pressured to play it safe as to not offend potential clients.

Being myself means more whale photos!

This doesn’t mean you should expect to see anything crazy on here. I don’t want to talk about Donald Trump or any real issues facing anybody. I mostly want to talk about nerdy techy shit and occasionally bash photographers as we tend to be a very pompous and annoying bunch.

Join me, wont you?