The mandatory about page.

Let me tell you about a guy named Erik

I don’t have one of those stories you would usually read here.  No lady of the lake put a camera in my hands at a young age, in turn sending me on a lifelong quest to document the beauty of urban decay or some other endeavor like that.  I have no early photographic memories, except for hazy ones of taking Polaroids of myself.  Perhaps I was ahead of my time, now that I think about it.

My path to photography hasn’t been conventional.  After a series of mundane office jobs, the only thing that really got me excited was photographing whales with whatever crappy point-and-shoot digital camera I had.  I started my photographic endeavor with the sole purpose of taking better photos of whales and shooting the occasional landscape.  I started investing the majority of my lower-middle-class wage into equipment while spending way too much time reading the blogs of internet-experts.  I figured I could only go so far learning this way and if I wanted to make this into something more than a hobby, it was time to commit to some proper training.

School changed everything for me. I was nervous as hell when it came to using lighting and even more nervous about putting strangers in front my lens.  I have always been a very reserved person, in particular around those who don’t know me well.  Fortunately, I met three people who changed everything.  One was a fellow student, another my teacher, and the last an employer and part-time colleague.  All three are now dear friends.

Dustin Fletcher has and still does encourage me to step out of my comfort zone.  He urges me to keep pushing and to not accept anything less than my best effort.

Justin Myers has laid the groundwork for everything I am doing by mentoring me, taking me on as an assistant, and continuously teaching me even after our student/teacher relationship ended.

Katana Triplett changed the way I look at interaction with clients and colleagues.  While I truly respect her technical ability, the way she can destroy any tension in a room is something I truly envy.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have met these people, among others, at a time when I was really shaping what I was going to do and what I was going to be, creatively.  It has led to me making images in some pretty remarkable places and has also introduced me to so many new people, whose paths I would have never crossed otherwise.

I’m not going to pretend that what I do is noble.  I do it because it’s fun and I like making cool shit.

Clients Include


National Geographic

Travel Oregon

Oregon State University

Portland State University




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