Fresh Fish!

Went on the other side of the fish counter to snag this image for a project on the southern Oregon coast.

Misty Mountain Brewing

The light in this small brewery near Brookings, Oregon just sort of cooperated to add some edge light in an impromptu situation.

Little Snail Buddy

Nothing crazy here. Just a little snail descending the walls of the rock shelter at Cape Perpetua.


We all know what a blog is at this point. I’ll do my damndest to keep adding to this thing, mostly with photos and projects that aren’t quite ready for the portfolio.

Recent Additions

From Instagram

  • Took the new a7iii out for a spin over the weekend. Kind of challenging going from my Nikon to this goddam technological wonder, but I’m digging it so far. #sonya7iii #sonyalpha #seapups
  • Red Rocks just outside Vegas was a much needed retreat from the weirdness of the city. More to come...
  • Dog in stroller... ✅  Murica’ jacket... ✅
  • Look everybody! I actually went somewhere in an airplane! #idontgetoutmuch #outofthepnwanyway
  • The storm made for some pretty crazy conditions at the coast this weekend. We saw a guy get pelted with a wave and knocked to the ground. Could’ve easily been injured or worse. Gotta respect that ocean!
  • I don’t know if I could say I’ve aged well, but I’ve certainly aged better than I could have. Surprised I wasn’t wearing the pooka shells in this one. #shouldprobablynotusemanyhashtagsonthisone #headlikeathumb
  • Just hanging out at the Blazers facility. No big deal. #ripcity
  • Attended the @surfrider rally against offshore drilling in Oregon today. Really positive and inspiring to see folks from all different walks of life coming together for one unified message. #defendourcoasts #surfrider #nooffshoredrilling #orangemenace
  • Blazers win! #ripcity #suiteseats
  • Please join Surfrider in opposition to offshore drilling in Oregon. The rally is at 2:30 at the Capitol building in Salem on Tuesday, February 6th. #surfrider #defendourcoasts #keepyourtinyorangehandsoffourcoastline
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