Hell of a view

I went down on a little hike to a remote beach on a very grey day. When I came back up there was some epic


We all know what a blog is at this point. I’ll do my damndest to keep adding to this thing, mostly with photos and projects that aren’t quite ready for the portfolio.

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  • On your next big photo project, consider Myers and Urdahl. Voted sleepiest photographers on the Southern Coast for Summer 18! #sleepy #surly #ohsofuckable
  • “Some shit about trails or starting a new week”
  • An absolutely friggin ridiculous sky on my last night at the coast. I took a couple thousand whale photos, paddles further out into the ocean that I previously had, and ate some of the saddest vegetarian meals imaginable but now it’s back to reality.
  • Sometimes we watch the whales, sometimes they watch us. This guy was about 100 yards away and then took a sudden interest in us. Scary and awesome.
  • Some pre-sunrise whales out in front of Depoe Bay.
  • I seeeeeeeeeee you #vacation #whales #greywhales #depoebay #traveloregon #sonyalpha #sonya7iii
  • Pretty epic whale day at the coast this past weekend. We had a bunch of grays and even a humpback in really close. #sonya7iii #sonyalpha #whales #whalewatching #oregoncoast #depoebay
  • Just another work offsite. #ggggggoooooaaaaallllll
  • Was pretty bummed that my boat got canceled this weekend but this little buddy made sure we still got a good show. It must have come within 10 feet of the rocky shore in front of Depoe Bay.
  • These are how work off sites should be. Lots of whales, smooth seas, and rad co-workers.
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