Hell of a view

I went down on a little hike to a remote beach on a very grey day. When I came back up there was some epic


We all know what a blog is at this point. I’ll do my damndest to keep adding to this thing, mostly with photos and projects that aren’t quite ready for the portfolio.

Recent Additions

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  • Game 4! Come on game 5.
  • Hell yeah! #ericscholzrulez
  • Game 5! #enesgivesmetinglesinmypenes
  • Please put these bastards away Blazers.
  • “We drinkin’ margaritas, y’all out there struggling.” - Hannibal Buress. #giftcertificatesftw
  • Not the prettiest shoes I’ve ever seen but I’ll be damned if these aren’t the most comfortable things I’ve ever stuffed by grotesque feet into. #hokaoneone #plusimtallerthanmydadnow #proofiwenttothegym #stillloveyoudanner
  • That’s a wrap! #followmeto #yachats #oregoncoast #haulinassgettinpaid #shootinpictures
  • Weather changing every 5 minutes down here. Makes for pretty photos. #sonyalpha #sonya9 #dabeach #thepeoplescoast #oregoncoast
  • I have never skid or snow boarded, but I’ll get some sick air on the ol’ sled.
  • No clue what my top 9 are but I’d assume there would be some whales in there so why not share previously unreleased whale photos?
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