Gig Harbor

I recently had the chance to go up to Gig Harbor for a shoot and took a little stroll with my new 18mm lens.


We all know what a blog is at this point. I’ll do my damndest to keep adding to this thing, mostly with photos and projects that aren’t quite ready for the portfolio.

Recent Additions

From Instagram

  • I have never skid or snow boarded, but I’ll get some sick air on the ol’ sled.
  • No clue what my top 9 are but I’d assume there would be some whales in there so why not share previously unreleased whale photos?
  • Won 2nd place for my cookie depicting a man in a prison jumpsuit who has just been shanked. Well call him “Individual 1.” #alliwantforchristmas
  • It’s been a year since we welcomed Louie to the family. He’s been on photo shoots, gone paddling, done his share of sight seeing, and has had more than a few run ins with sea foam. He also went from a subdued 40 lb, Pneumonia having pup to an 80 lb ball of muscle. He still loves to sleep in and for that I am grateful.
  • Birthday weekend complete. Spent with loved ones and Seahawks. Guessing year 37 will pretty much be like years 32-36, but with the ability to hurt myself doing mundane things increasing slightly.
  • Pretty cool sustainability stories at OR. Insulation made from oyster shells, sunglasses made from fishing nets, shoes made from plants, etc. I hope this is a trend people run wild with. No hash tags!?
  • Ass whoopin’ #meyerslegend #blazers #trailblazers
  • I don’t have a Halloween costume so dusting this off. I’ll never forgot the feeling when I turned the corner to head from the beach to the car and there were a half dozen surfers staring at me. I’d handle it better now. #whales #welltechnicallyadolphin #orcasarethelargestdolphin #notapenguin #halloween #furry #panderingtonewfollowers
  • On your next big photo project, consider Myers and Urdahl. Voted sleepiest photographers on the Southern Coast for Summer 18! #sleepy #surly #ohsofuckable
  • “Some shit about trails or starting a new week”
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